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2020 Fall Class Schedule
Hip Hop





Class Descriptions

Creative Dance (3 year olds): An 8 week session specifically designed for our youngest dancers. This 45 minute class introduces children to fine and gross motor movement, creative movement,socialization, music, rhythm patterns and use of props; all in a structured and caring environment.

Combo I (ages 4-5): An hour long class that introduces the basics of Ballet and Tap with some activity on the tumbling mat. Dancers learn how to follow directions, follow classroom structure and use creative expression.

Combo II (Ages 5-6):  The next progression of the combo class. Adding more difficulty in the basics of Ballet and Tap, while keeping dance fun and structured.  This class prepares them to move to any level one class. 

Ballet: Classical Ballet technique is taught with an emphasis on body alignment and turnout. Proper terminology is taught following a developed syllabus. There are 8 levels of Ballet at Premier to accomodate all abilities for dancers ages 7+.  Dancers in levels I, II, and IIA take class 1x per week. Dancers in levels III, IV, and IVA take class 2x per week. Dancers in levels V & VI take class 3x per week.

Pointe: Pointe work teaches dancers to dance in pointe shoes. Readiness for pointe is determined by a strict set of criteria and is notified by letter when a dancer reaches level IVA or higher. 

Jazz: Traditional jazz technique (Parallel, as opposed to turned out); emphasizing body placement, isolations, turns, jumps and improvisation. Jazz dance is influenced by the rhythms and techniques of jazz and pop music.

Teen Jazz: Jazz technique for an older dancer or someone who may have started later with minimal experience. Suited for dancers ages 12+

Lyrical: Lyrical is a style of Jazz that incorporates Ballet and Modern elements in it. Movements are deeply expressive and fluid, and are often a reflection of the music and it's lyrics. Contemporary is an emerging term for this style of dance. Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet or Jazz to level III+ to take this class. 

Modern: Modern dance developed as an opposition to Classical Ballet. This genre of dance incorporates elements such as: contract & release, floor work, fall & recovery, and improvisation. We currently offer Modern to level V & VI students only.

Tap: Focus's on rhythm, syncopations, patterns, and the musicality of tap technique.

Hip Hop: High energy class for boys and girls which teaches funky, street style dance while learning the structure of dance class and individual expression.  Music is age appropriate. We currently offer 3 levels for ages 6-8, 9-11, 12+

Adult Classes Offered: Jazz, Tap, Yoga, and Pilates

Pilates: Focuses on breath, core stability, balance, and overall uniform development of the body.

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